Christopher Dines

Christopher Francis Dines (born August 19, 1983) is an English mindfulness teacher, trainer, writer and former house DJ/producer.

Christopher is the author of six books. He has led mindfulness meditation workshops for Public Health England (PHE Cambridge), the Mental Health Commission, The Recovery Evolution Festival (Suffolk), East Coast Recovery Drug and Alcohol Rehab, EMI Wealth London, wealth management and sales offices, and runs private Mindfulness Burnout Prevention (MBP) courses for professionals at Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden and Chelsea, London.

The Kindness Habit by Christopher Dines & Dr Barbara Mariposa

Dines has co-authored The Kindness Habit: Transforming our Relationship to Addictive Behaviours, with medical doctor and wellness pioneer, Dr Barbara Mariposa. Three times #1 New York Times bestseller, John Bradshaw, has written the foreword. The Kindness Habit is being published on 7th June 2016.

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