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I essentially train people to access the present moment through mindfulness, which is the gateway to equanimity, clarity and calmness.

This is particularly effective during a group meditation. With gentle persistent practise, they are able to separate their thoughts and emotions from themselves rather than being swept away by negative self-talk – they have accessed self-awareness and emotional intelligence. This training has been scientifically proven to greatly reduce addictive thinking, stress, strain, burnout and to be wonderfully effective in the treatment of addiction, anxiety and depression.


Christopher Francis Dines, (born August 19th, 1983) is an English mindfulness trainer, teacher, writer and founder of Mindfulness Burnout Prevention (MBP).

Having a deep love for music, Christopher left high-school at 15 to pursue a full-time career as an electronic house DJ. Having DJ’ed at prestigious parties such as City Loud at Turnmills, Ministry of Sound, Defected In The House at Pacha, Garage City, Christopher’s DJ career then took him to Asia where he travelled extensively, subsequently leading him to remix and produce underground electronic dance music. Whilst remixing national chart hit band Afro Medusa to artists such Marlon D, Samba La Casa, Steal Vybe and Onxy (Soul2Soul), mindfulness was gradually becoming a subtle practise. This led to a deep exploration of the human mind and roads to emotional well-being and self-realization. This has been accomplished through intense self-education and with the invaluable help and guidance of enlightened mentors.

He “retired” from the electronic dance music industry in June 2006 to give public talks on inspirational ideas and self-awareness and create personal development and mindfulness workshops and courses. Christopher is the author of “Mindfulness Meditation: Bringing Mindfulness into Everyday Life”, “Manifest Your Bliss: A Spiritual Guide to Inner Peace”, “A Ticket to Prosperity”, “A Ticket to Prosperity: Spiritual Lessons for an Abundant Life (Revised Edition)” and “The Mystery of Belief: How to Manifest Your Dreams” and “Mindfulness Burnout Prevention: An 8-Week Course for Professionals”.

Christopher has led mindfulness meditation workshops for Public Health England, Mental Health Commissioners, The Suffolk Recovery Festival, East Coast Recovery Drug & Alcohol Rehab, Rekindling Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centre, Wealth Management Companies and runs private courses at Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden.

Christopher’s new book, “Mindfulness Burnout Prevention: An 8-Week Course for Professionals” (MBP), is being released on Wednesday 1st July 2015. The foreword has been written by medical doctor and wellness pioneer, Dr Barbara Mariposa.