Mindfulness Addiction Course for Rehabs

Christopher Dines has extensive experience in the addiction field and leads an eight-week mindfulness addiction course for patients undergoing treatment in drug and alcohol/addiction rehabilitation centres in the UK. This course can also compliment patients undergoing treatment for sex and love addiction, codependency, PTSD and growing up in an alcoholic/dysfunctional family (adult children).

Christopher overcame grave substance misuse at twenty-one and has subsequently, rebuilt a wholesome and authentic life.

With over twelve years of continuous recovery, Christopher has led mindfulness meditation workshops for Public Health England (PHE Cambridge), The Recovery Evolution Festival (Suffolk, UK), The Recovery Hub Drug and Alcohol Rehab (Ipswich, UK), East Coast Recovery Drug and Alcohol Rehab (Suffolk, UK), EMI Wealth London (Canary Wharf), wealth management and sales offices, and runs private Mindfulness Burnout Prevention (MBP) courses for professionals at Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden and Chelsea, London. Dines has led a dialogue/Q&A with medical students from the University of East Anglia (UEA) with regard to alcohol addiction, process addiction and recovery. Christopher facilitates annual mindfulness meditation retreats at Cley-next-the-Sea, North Norfolk, England.

What value will your patients gain from an eight-week mindfulness addiction course?

Mindfulness has helped patients to:

  • Enhance mental and emotional well-being
  • Reduce the risk of relapse
  • Decrease negative self-talk
  • Alleviate the effects of stress
  • Ease anxiety and depression
  • Amplify emotional resilience
  • Accompany the cornerstone for healing trauma
  • Flow into self-compassion and self-kindness
  • Amplify a sense of belongingness and minimise mental isolation
  • Develop an authentic sense of purpose

For more information on this eight-week mindfulness addiction course, payment terms and conditions email: christopher@christopherdines.com