Mindfulness Burnout Prevention 8-Week Course

Mindfulness Burnout Prevention (MBP)


Mindfulness in the workplace helps to:

  • Improve the general well-being of an organisation
  • Improve creativity and support the generation of new ideas
  • Develop emotional intelligence and equanimity in difficult or challenging circumstances
  • Reduce staff turnover and associated costs
  • Nourish employer/employee and client relationships
  • Reduce health insurance premiums for the business
  • Reduce stress, burnout, anxiety and depression

Mindfulness helps clients to:

  • Decrease negative self-talk
  • Alleviate the effects of stress
  • Ease anxiety and depression
  • Amplify emotional resilience
  • Enhance mental and emotional well-being
  • Accompany the cornerstone for healing trauma and PTSD
  • Enhance self-compassion and self-kindness
  •  Boost creativity and enthusiasm
  • Amplify a sense of belongingness and minimise mental isolation

Mindfulness Burnout Prevention (MBP) course will cover:

Week 1: Present-Moment Awareness, Equanimity and Calmness

Week 2: Communicating Mindfully

Week 3: Focus, Alertness and Concentration

Week 4: Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence

Week 5: Emotional Resilience

Week 6: Body Scan Awareness and Meditation Practices for Stress

Week 7: Self-Compassion

 Week 8: Cultivating Gratitude and Appreciation in the Workplace

Length of the (MBP) course

The “Mindfulness Burnout Prevention: An 8-Week Course for Professionals” lasts for 2.5 hours a week.

 Complimentary copy of the (MBP) workbook and guided meditations 

(MBP) workbook included in the workshop

Each employee will receive a copy of the “Mindfulness Burnout Prevention: An 8-Week Course for Professionals” (MBP) workbook. This workbook has included guided meditation MP3s to listen to at home.

Mindfulness Burnout Prevention (MBP) Synopsis

The incredible benefits of practising and applying mindfulness techniques in the workplace are being increasingly recognised by human resource professionals, as well as the medical profession as the stresses of competing in today’s global economy take their toll on the mental health and emotional well-being of many otherwise talented and enthusiastic individuals in the workplace.

Learning to practise mindfulness greatly enhances an employee or manager’s ability to manifest emotional intelligence and equanimity under pressure and to display calmness, empathy and adaptability when communicating with others, whether it be with co-workers, clients or the board of directors. Learning to apply mindfulness on a daily basis will significantly encourage a positive, creative and enthusiastic attitude at all levels in companies large and small.

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