Private One-to-One Mindfulness

Private one-to-one mindfulness sessions at The Loddon Mill Wellbeing Centre, 45A Bridge St, Loddon, Norwich NR14 6NA, Norfolk, England. The Loddon Mill is situated between Norwich and Lowestoft.

What happens during a session? 

I will sit down with you and guide a live mindfulness meditation and popular alternative mindful practices such as body scan, conscious breathing, deep breathing, alternate breathing and loving-kindness. Typically, this session lasts for one hour. A summary of the session will be sent via email.

Note: I am not a therapist and I do not give advice. I may occasionally suggest a course of action with respect to improving your mindfulness practise at home/work. I may even suggest reading mindfulness/recovery-based litrature too. 

Mindfulness has helped clients to:

  • Enhance mental and emotional well-being
  • Decrease negative self-talk
  • Alleviate the effects of stress
  • Ease anxiety and depression
  • Amplify emotional resilience
  • Accompany the cornerstone for healing trauma and PTSD
  • Flow into self-compassion and self-kindness
  • Amplify a sense of belongingness and minimise mental isolation
  • Develop an authentic sense of purpose

A private one-to-one mindfulness session greatly enhances emotional intelligence and equanimity under pressure and helps to display calmness, empathy and adaptability when communicating with others, whether it be co-workers, clients, the board of directors, friends and family of origin.

Additionally, I have extensive experience in the addiction field. This private one-to-one mindfulness session can compliment patients undergoing treatment for alcoholism, drug addiction, sex and love addiction, codependency, PTSD and growing up in an alcoholic/dysfunctional family (adult children).

Skype sessions are also available 

Typically this is a global service, which is provided via Skype. The one-to-one session can be tailored to meet your personal concerns, whilst providing a rejuvenating experience. A summary of the session will be sent via email.

Book your mindfulness session

For more information on a private one-to-one mindfulness session, payment terms and conditions email: or call +44 (0) 7415 386 912 (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm BST time)