Christopher Dines

Author of 8 books, writer, novelist and mindfulness teacher

SUPER SELF-CARE is to be published by Sheldon Press (John Murray Learning — Hachette) on September 1st 2020.

DRUG ADDICTION RECOVERY was published by Sheldon Press (Hachette) in 2019. The foreword is by Rudolph E. Tanzi PhD, Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School.

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Healing from addiction can be an intensely painful process as decades of frozen grief are unpacked. This book is written to help recovering addicts to work through old wounds including bereavement, abandonment, betrayal, and abuse. It uses effective mindfulness practices to complement long term recovery and to help process sometimes-overwhelming feelings. Mindfulness is also recognized as a powerful tool in relapse prevention. Interspersed with personal reflections from the author's own experience, and stories from those with similar experience, this book balances insight and support with practical strategies and mindfulness tools. Covering everything those recovering from addiction might need to know, including the need to grieve, coping with depression and shame, and spiritual wellbeing, it also offers a number of guided meditations as well as a variety of different exercises. For those building emotional wellbeing and peace in recovery, "Drug Addiction Recovery: The Mindful Way" offers healing ways to enhance self-respect, and points the path to serenity. The foreword is by Rudolph E. Tanzi PhD, Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School. Published by Sheldon Press (Hachette) in 2019.

The Kindness Habit is a warm, compassionate and open dialogue between Christopher Dines, Dr Barbara Mariposa and an anonymous fellow traveller on the road to recovery. The authors share their experience of letting go of "false friends" (addictive behaviours) and their understanding of the healing process as it applies to all of us. This space of acceptance, kindness and authenticity makes it possible for their new-found friend to start speaking from the heart about their own situation, thereby catalysing their own healing journey. As so many people experience shame, self-blame, and secrecy around their and others' addictions, the book is written with the intention to make it safer for all of us in psychological pain to speak up and seek help. Rather than finding fault with and blaming the individual, the book aims to put addictions in the wider context of the human condition. Mental illness is at an all-time high, and addictive behaviours are but one manifestation of deeper unrest within societies. The authors invite readers far and wide, whether touched by addictions personally or not, to engage in the conversation and find their truth, and hopefully some refuge. The foreword is by the late John Bradshaw. Published by Riverbank Books in 2016.

Mindfulness Burnout Prevention (MBP) is a practical 8-week course specifically designed to assist professionals to reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace and to prevent burnout. The incredible benefits of practising and applying mindfulness techniques in the workplace are being increasingly recognised by human resource professionals, as well as the medical profession as the stresses of competing in today's global economy take their toll on the mental health and emotional well-being of many otherwise talented and enthusiastic individuals in the workplace. Learning to practise mindfulness greatly enhances an employee or manager's ability to manifest emotional intelligence and equanimity under pressure and to display calmness, empathy and adaptability when communicating with others, whether it be with co-workers, clients or the board of directors. Learning to apply mindfulness on a daily basis will significantly encourage a positive, creative and enthusiastic attitude at all levels in companies large and small. Some of the exercises are to be applied outside of the workplace (home study) to enhance the 8-week course and gain maximum value. If you give 100% in your efforts towards this course, your mental and emotional well-being will improve, as will your capacity to respond to life in a calm and mindful manner. Once the practice has become habitual, it will be easier to make mindful living second nature in the workplace or in any other area of our lives. Naturally, this course has included guided meditation MP3s for you to listen to upon awakening. The foreword is by Dr. Barbara Mariposa. Published by La Petite Fleur Publishing in 2015.

It is natural for human beings to wish for peace of mind and well-being. However, this universal desire has been extremely difficult for most of us to realize due to our fears, worries, negative thoughts and the need to try to control others. In his new book, "Mindfulness Meditation: Bringing Mindfulness into Everyday Life", Christopher Dines, guides you to access the deep and profound inner peace which already lies within your consciousness, whilst helping you to practise all aspects of mindfulness throughout your day. As you digest this book, you will find that the realizations will point you towards the present moment, opening your heart to reverence, love, compassion and joy. Published by La Petite Fleur Publishing in 2014.

Manifest Your Bliss is a timeless spiritual guide to help you uncover your infinite dimension of inner peace, ecstasy and inspiration so that you can bring this healing energy into the world. Once we let go of neediness, desperation, manipulation and co-dependent patterns, we leave ourselves open for serenity, divine love and deep tranquillity to guide our perception of reality. This book will remind you of compassion for yourself and others and help you to appreciate the nowness of consciousness. The foreword is by Harold W. Becker. Published by La Petite Fleur Publishing in 2013.

The Mystery of Belief: How to Manifest Your Dreams, written by Christopher Dines, is a masterly book uncovering the great secret to any form of success: belief. Throughout human history, the wisest teachers and philosophers have all agreed that belief is the foundation to create and manifest your dreams. Over the last one hundred years, scientists have confirmed what the great spiritual teachers taught us over two thousand years ago: “believe and it shall be done unto you”. The Mystery of Belief is full of wisdom and practical tools to help you create a deep belief within yourself from scratch, regardless of age, race, colour, creed, religion or nationality. This book is universal and can bring a positive and happy change in your life. The foreword is by Nanice Ellis. Published by La Petite Fleur Publishing in 2013.

A Ticket to Prosperity will guide you to inner harmony with the principles of abundance by planting healthy seeds in the subconscious mind, mastering the art of sowing & reaping and through tapping into the imagination whilst learning the huge benefits of meditation. All human beings have vast abundance deep within their consciousness. The rich spiritual lessons in this book will help you to bring this into your external world. The foreword is by Susan Bagyura. Published by La Petite Fleur Publishing in 2013.


Christopher Dines is a British mindfulness teacher and writer. Christopher came into recovery from drug addiction in 2004. He has published eight books and facilitated workshops, seminars, retreats, school talks and corporate events, assisting people to reduce stress and enhance their emotional well-being and serenity.

Christopher is the author of Mindfulness Meditation: Bringing Mindfulness into Everyday Life (the audiobook is an Amazon #1 best seller), Manifest Your Bliss: A Spiritual Guide to Inner Peace, A Ticket to Prosperity: Spiritual Lessons for an Abundant Life (Revised Edition), The Mystery of Belief: How to Manifest Your Dreams, and Mindfulness Burnout Prevention: An 8-Week Course for Professionals.

Dines co-authored The Kindness Habit: Transforming our Relationship to Addictive Behaviours, with medical doctor and wellness pioneer, Dr Barbara Mariposa. Three times #1 New York Times bestseller, the late John Bradshaw, has written the foreword. The Kindness Habit is published by Riverbank Books UK.

Christopher’s new book Drug Addiction Recovery: The Mindful Way is out now in the UK, published by Sheldon Press (Hachette UK). The US release date is October 1st 2019. The foreword is by Rudolph E. Tanzi PhD, Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School. Peter Kyle’s endorsement (MP for Hove and Portslade) is on the back cover of Drug Addiction Recovery.

Super Self-Care is to be published by Sheldon Press (John Murray Learning — Hachette). The release date is 1st September 2020.


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